Refuge for Families actively supports other humanitarian and legal support efforts. Refugee for Families builds upon core American values of justice and fairness, we believe US and international law supports their right to seek asylum at our border.

Only when we stand together can we build an immigration system that keeps families together, strengthens communities and includes a road map to citizenship for new Americans. Now is the time to stand with the immigrant community and #UnitetheVote to raise our democratic voice! We at FIRM Action are trying to ensure that every voice is heard!

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Our future, our families

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Unity Summer is fighting to make that aspiration a reality. The pain and ugliness of our present politics serve as a stark reminder that America is on a journey with many possible destinations. We can do better than to treat people as less than human because of their immigrant roots. Sign up to get alerts about future #UnitySummer actions and join the fight for unity in the face of ignorance and hate!

2020 census

“In January 2017, a draft Executive Order (EO) from the Trump administration, related to “prioritiz[ing] the interests of American workers,” began to circulate publicly. The order, which has not been issued, included a provision that directed the U.S. Census Bureau (also, the Bureau) to ask about U.S. citizenship and immigration status on the “long-form questionnaire in the decennial census.” This alarming development raised concerns for census stakeholders that members of Congress or the administration might resurrect proposals to add questions on U.S. citizenship and legal status to the 2020 Census form.” FIRM Action stands against adding a citizenship question to the upcoming census. Learn how you can get involved.


We seek an awakening of America's highest ideals of equality and unity. Trump and his Republican enablers seek mass incarceration and deportations of families, blatantly discriminating against immigrants and people of color. We can and must do better. FIRM Action is taking action to fight for immigrant families. Join us by signing up to get informed and get involved!