Appalling: White Nationalist Extremists Unlawfully Detaining Migrants


Appalling: White Nationalist Extremists Unlawfully Detaining Migrants

Washington, DC--After The New York Times reported that an armed militia group in New Mexico was detaining migrants at gunpoint before handing them over to Customs and Border Patrol, Sulma Arias, Immigration Field Director of FIRM Action, Marcela Diaz of SOMOS un Pueblo Unido and Rachel LaZar of El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, said the following:  

“It is absolutely appalling that a group of armed extreme white nationalists is detaining migrants seeking refuge in the United States. Their own video shows footage of countless women and children, at gunpoint, whose first taste of the United States is not refuge, but more violence.  Families fleeing violence and dangerous conditions in their home countries have every right to seek asylum. It is a protected right under our Constitution and international law. Trump’s vile and dangerous anti-immigrant, xenophobic rhetoric is fueling the hate that is driving these extremists to attack and unlawfully kidnap migrants. What they are doing to innocent families is criminal.

Turning our back on the most in need is antithetical to the values we hold near and dear in New Mexico, and in the United States. Freedom, opportunity, unity--those are the ideals that all of us should uphold. We need elected leaders that will work with us to keep all immigrant families together, and strengthen our commitment to asylum protections and due process.”


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