FIRM Action: No Negotiating with White Supremacists

FIRM Action: No Negotiating with White Supremacists

In response to calls from anti-immigrant corners, and an unfortunate number of entities claiming to speak for impacted communities that people of color concede to Trump’s demands, FIRM Action—the largest grassroots immigrant rights network in the country—issued the following statement:

“Under no circumstances would we engage in negotiations around a border wall with a deeply anti-immigrant administration that has repeatedly shown it cannot be trusted. The wall is a reckless move that will hurt millions more families, further militarize our border and destroy our environment. It is simply a non-starter.

“Notions that progress for immigrants can be achieved while funding Trump’s white nationalist agenda are at best naive and at worst disingenuous. The ball is on our court this time and we’ve had enough. We are not bargaining chips, nor are the lives of the millions of people who are currently going without a paycheck.

“Republican Senators need to get to work now and vote to reopen the government.”



FIRM Admin