FIRM Action Reaches 2.2 Million Voters in 17 States Ahead of Critical Midterm Election

FIRM Action Reaches 2.2 Million Voters in 17 States Ahead of Critical Midterm Election

The Unite the Vote Campaign combines traditional voter contact methods with digital strategies as part of the network’s most comprehensive electoral campaign to reach infrequent voters 

Washington, D.C.—FIRM Action, the largest immigrant rights network in the country, reached 2.2 million voters in 17 states just days ahead of the midterm election. The network reached voters through a combination of traditional voter contact methods, such as phone banking and canvassing, and digital strategies that include texting, targeted ads and community-generated video content.

“Our communities have demonstrated resilience in the face of relentless attacks by an administration that does not value our humanity,” said Kica Matos, spokesperson for FIRM Action. “Our humanity became political the moment a white nationalist took over the Presidency. Despite Republicans’ attempts to silence us, we have shown up in full force—talking to voters at their homes, in public spaces, on the phone, over text, and at events. We have committed countless hours to keep our promise to elected officials: you’re either with us, or we’ll vote you out of office.”

Breaking with conventional electoral organizing, FIRM Action’s work this cycle builds on existing relationships our groups already have with communities in their states, rather than creating a parachute operation for a few months. By building lasting power from the ground up, FIRM Action is changing the face of the electorate and engaging with infrequent voters often. The network is committed to flipping the House to Democratic control this year as the first step in securing an immigration agenda that values all families.

“We chose our targets because of the potential communities of color have to influence the outcome of the election, where we have deep ties to the community,” said Grecia Lima, political director at the Center for Community Change Action. ”We know we are more effective by using trusted messengers—people who our communities see regularly—and when we talk about the impact of elections early and often. We are working to build a voting bloc and talk to those voters so often ignored.”


Unite the Vote reached voters nationwide, with advanced on-the-ground operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.


“Our volunteers and staff have been talking to voters since February, making sure that they are engaged in the political process and that they understand all that is on the line this cycle,” said Laura Martin, Associate Director of PLAN Action Fund in Nevada. “Our program has engaged more than 200,000 low propensity voters—black and brown communities, young voters and women. We’ve spent time reaching out to voters in rural areas and are encouraged by the turnout we are seeing. Living in a battleground state means all eyes are on us on election night and we’re ready to show the country how it’s done.”

FIRM Action partners this cycle include: Promise Arizona Action, CHIRLA Action Fund, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Action Fund, Florida Immigrant Coalition Votes, Illinois Immigrant Action, Kansas People’s Action, CASA in Action, Make the Road Action, PLAN Action Fund, TIRRC Votes, SOMOS en Accion, OneAmerica Votes, and Voces de la Frontera Action.



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