FIRM Action’s Unite the Vote Campaign Gains Momentum Ahead of Election Day

 FIRM Action’s Unite the Vote Campaign Gains Momentum Ahead of Election Day

With 46 left until Election Day, immigration rights groups mobilize hundreds of people nationwide to reach infrequent voters

Washington, DC –– Immigrant rights groups held a week of vigils and voter registration drives to reach infrequent voters as FIRM Action’s Unite the Vote campaign gains momentum ahead of election day. The groups held events across the country, including vigils to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria and phone banks and canvasses to encourage new voters to raise their voice in November.

“With only 47 days until election day, we are stepping up our outreach efforts, reaching infrequent voters to make sure they get out to vote,” said FIRM Action spokeswoman Kica Matos. “For too long, Republicans have ignored our communities, and they have now moved to a place where they are bending over backwards to accommodate the harmful and xenophobic demands of the administration.”

More importantly, Unite the Vote is building lasting power from the ground up by engaging voters early and often. FIRM Action will reach an average of 45,000 voters in each district with an investment of $3.5 million.

FIRM Action is committed to flipping the House to Democratic control this year as step one of a three-year plan to take back all three branches of government. The top targets include Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25), Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-06), Rep. Peter Roskam (IL-06), the new PA-06, Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA-10), and the seats being vacated by Martha McSally (AZ-02), Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-08) and Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01).

At the launch of Unite the Vote, Center for Community Change Action political director Grecia Lima said, “We have chosen these targets to focus in places where communities of color have the potential to influence the outcome of the race, where we have organization and local partners with roots in the communities. The margins of victory in these districts in past cycles have been very close, and our programs will engage voter universes in each district that will be substantial in size and large enough to play a critical role in deciding the outcome.”

Actions took place in Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin

“Our demands been clear from the start: ¡Basta! Stop the attacks on immigrants, or feel the power of our voters in November,” added Matos.



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