Judge Hanen’s Decision Favors Immigrant Youth

Judge Hanen’s Decision Favors Immigrant Youth

(WASHINGTON)—Today, District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled on Texas v. United States, a pivotal case in the future of DACA. Judge Hanen denied the state’s request to invalidate DACA and issue an injunction, though he cited many issues with the implementation of the program. Sulma Arias, immigration field director for FIRM Action, issued the statement below in response:

“Judge Hanen’s ruling is the fourth decision against Trump’s unlawful termination of DACA, stating that ending the program now could harm the public. We’ve seen firsthand the mental, physical and financial impact of Trump’s decision over the course of the last year. We welcome Judge Hanen’s decision and are pleased that he ruled against issuing an injunction on the program that has allowed hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to contribute to their communities.

His decision to let DACA stand protects millions of lives—not only the undocumented youth with DACA, but their families, friends and communities. A generation of new Americans will be able to continue living their lives with more assurance because of the protections afforded to them by DACA.  However, we must continue to demand a permanent solution for DREAMers.

We know that a victory in the courts is not enough. We urge young immigrants who are able to renew their DACA to do so as soon as possible. This November we will Unite the Vote and cast our ballots with conscience to elect leaders who will defend our communities. Members of Congress who have failed immigrant families will pay the price for standing with the racist administration.


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