Out of Touch Trump and Republicans Hurt American Families

Out of Touch Trump and Republicans Hurt American Families

WASHINGTON, DC—Tonight President Trump addressed the nation about his manufactured crisis at the border, Kica Matos, director of immigrant rights and racial justice at Community Change Action and spokeswoman for FIRM Action, said the following:

“President Trump and Senator McConnell are holding the country hostage. The Trump shutdown is hurting millions of Americans who are not getting paid and whose families are suffering as a result. People are having to grapple with the decision to either buy food or medicine to stay healthy; pay rent or keep the lights on. The only crisis at the border is the one created by this Administration’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and determination to tear families apart and keep kids in cages, in addition to slamming the door shut on people who want to seek asylum here.

The demand for a  wall along the southern border is all about meeting the racist demands of the white supremacists who have hijacked our democracy. It’s about advancing an anti-immigrant enforcement agenda. This is unconscionable and an affront to human dignity.

Trump and his Republican enablers are out of touch with reality and seem to be unaware of the mandate of voters last November. Public opinion is increasingly on the side of families. It’s time Senate Republicans grow a spine and put an end to the hate Trump is using to divide the country. Get to work and vote to reopen the government.”


FIRM Admin