Trump and Company Push Barbaric Family Detention Policies

Trump and Company Push Barbaric Family Detention Policies

WASHINGTON, DC—The Administration has taken steps to terminate the Flores Settlement Agreement which spells out the detention standards for underage immigrants. In response to the change, Kica Matos, spokesperson for FIRM Action said the following:

“The Trump administration’s hostile and barbaric policies towards immigrant families know no bounds. Nearly 500 children have yet to be reunited with their parents, and thousands are still suffering from the trauma inflicted by heartless xenophobes who want to make America white again. The administration’s proposed changes to the longstanding Flores Agreement will keep children and families in detention indefinitely, waiting for court appearances that can take months to process.

The blame is shared with spineless Republicans that have failed our families countless times by ignoring our pain. Republicans should take note at the number of women and people of color who won their primaries across the country, and the increased turnout at the polls. This is your notice that your bigotry and inaction has direct consequences in the ballot box.”


FIRM Admin