We Aren’t Standing Idle While Trump Vows to Erase Constitution

WASHINGTON, DC—In a new video, President Trump told the news outlet Axios that he plans to sign an executive order that would remove the right to citizenship for children born on U.S. soil. Following his decision, Kica Matos, spokesperson for FIRM Action, said the following:

“In the wake of hate crimes by emboldened white nationalists, and in blatant disregard to the limits of Presidential powers, Donald Trump is threatening to eliminate a key provision of our the Constitution—with an executive order. This is an illegal, cynical and hate-filled move aimed at further stoking anti-immigrant sentiment and creating fear in communities of color.

It should not surprise us that Trump is trying to undo an amendment that was primarily created to grant citizenship to African Americans. This confirms what we have been saying for nearly two years: Trump is a deeply racist and xenophobic President who is intent on setting the clock back and stripping communities of color of the hard fought civil rights gains that stretch back to 1868.

We also know that voters want change; we hear it every day. With less than one week from the midterm elections, we are working tirelessly to make sure our friends and family get out and vote. We cannot let this administration sink the bar of morality and humanity any further. It’s time to create a country where every person is treated with dignity and respect, no exceptions.”



FIRM Admin